26 Oct 2016

Bintu (Stories Not Told)

... weeks came strolling by, and all that was left of Bintu was the very foul smell from

22 Oct 2016

August Visitor (Stories Not Told)

I was not sure I could venture in those dark paths my mates were freely and peacefully strolling through. I wanted to have a dose of

30 Aug 2016

Look Beyond

When you feel it's all over,
When the future looks blur
And all hope seem dead,
Just look beyond.

Loud Whispers

Some weeks back not so long ago, I decided to take a stroll down our lay out. I was bored that morning and my schedule board had nothing on it. I strolled down our layout to the newspapers’ stands. There were

The Beach Puzzle

It was  a not so normal afternoon,
I found myself in the beach again,
Fate must have brought me here,
I guess she had a reason to.

29 Aug 2016

Fading With Time

Age is smiling at me,
And I look at the road crawling behind,
The path of time so narrow
But littered with broad memories.

Not So Happy Ever After

My love for you was strong,
It could break diamonds,
Loving you was so sweet,
Honey lost its taste.

My Friend's Girlfriend

After spending all of the previous day’s evening in traffic, I was yet to wake up even when it had past mid day. Guess what I was doing; I was busy enjoying free kisses in my dream with my friend’s girlfriend. I didn’t want to fall for her temptation, but

28 Aug 2016


 Deep in  my sleep I heard,
I heard a cry of despair,
A voice so tiny,
Yet,it clinged to my ears.

My darling sleep was disturbed.

The Climax

When your time on earth is done,
when everyone by your graveside mourn,
when from tears their eyes become sore,
and your remains below rot,
how many will genuinely say
that your time on earth was not vain?

22 Apr 2016

Lots of cash up for grabs in the 'Goodness and mercy' competition

Here’s an opportunity to win prizes by performing Maxim’s new great tune Goodness & Mercy, produced by Shizzi. Maxim has decided to give back to the fans with the #Goodness&Mercy competition where three winners will emerge.

Dabota Lawson shows off online

The pretty model and wife of billionaire took to her Instagram page to

See what these Arab guys are using for pizza delivery

Yes! It's a pizza delivery cab spotted in Dubai.
Where else would it be?

Students takes cheating to a whole new level

A study group in Korea has taken it upon themselves to share crazy ways students now cheat in examinations.

Weird!: School in Philippines carryout mass circumcision on hundreds of young teenage boys

Circumcision or 'tuli' as it is known in the Philippines is common in the country with 93% of males circumcised

FIFA president meets with Russian president to discuss preparations for the 2018 world cup

FIFA President Gianni Infantino met up with President Vladimir Putin recently, wrapping

IT4 entertainment release 'Shangbana' dance competition with music records and cash prizes for winners

1T4 Entertainment, a label that manages Teemzy and Jeaga is here to put smiles on the faces of Nigerian music lovers

Female students protest nude against campus rapes in sousouthafrica

Protests began on Monday at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa against incessant rape on the campus. Topless

42year old Lebanese man charged to court for faking Nigerian citizenship

A 42-year-old Lebanese, Rami El Masri, has been charged to court for allegedly forging a letter of Nigerian citizenship confirmation and parading himself as a Nigerian.

Mallam Yankee blasts Comedian Gordons, says he's arrogant and a serial debtor

The Chairman of The Bank club, Abuja, Kehinde Adegbite, AKA, Mallam Yankee, has accused comedian, Gordons of being pompous and having a rude attitude despite owing him

21 Apr 2016

Legendary musician, Prince, pass away at 57, police release official cause of death

According to the Sheriff's department investigating Prince's death, he was found in an elevator at his Paisley Park home in Minnesota

Nurse bake gruesome realistic cakes depicting her experiences in the medical field

Crazy or talented?

Transgenders stun in Thailand's beauty peagant

Believe it or not the beautiful ladies you see above were all born male.

First nude restaurant to open in London

I don’t know about you, but if there’s one thing that’s always bugged me about eating in restaurants it's having to wear clothes

John Legend shares photo of new born daughter

John legend who recently

Nigerian soldier survives three rocket propelled grenades in fight against Bokoharam

Nigerian soldier

70year old wife beats husband with a hammer after she caught him watching porn

A 70 year old woman and grandmother of three, Lynda Holmes attacked and beat her 78 year old husband  Gordon Holmes - with a 'meat hammer' after she caught him watching porn at their home.

The queen of England shares photos to mark her 90th birthday

Queen Elizabeth II is 90 and to mark the occasion, new pictures of the monarch with her great-grandchildren, grandchildren, daughter Anne, and beloved corgis and dorgis have been released.

Nigeria to stop petroleum products importation by 2019

The Federal Executive Council yesterday declared that Nigeria will stop

16 Apr 2016

New beef: Southafrican Dj, Oskido, calls out Dbanj on Instagram

SouthAfrican DJ and producer,

Zookeeper mauled to death by one of the tigers she catered for

A 38 year old female employee, Stacey Konwiser who had worked at the  Palm Beach Zoo for over three years and

Over a million Zimbabweans stage massive 'Mugabe must go' protest in the country's capital

President Mugabe of Zimbabwe who turned 90 few months ago and have been ruling the south African nation for more than 40years making him the only ruler of the nation since their independence, has come under heavy attack from his own citizens over his recent reforms and refusal to step down from office as over a million Zimbabweans took to the country's streets to march in protest against the nonagenarian.

Lynxx turns pastor, dishes out advice to ladies

This is as posted on his Instagram page. However, it's not the first time

Mayweather buys girlfriend her fourth car in two years, worth $550k

When money speaks, the pennyless listens. So said a Greek philosopher. Money is certainly speaking louder for mayweather as the boxer acquires a new super car for his girlfriend and it's her fourth car in two years.

President Buhari returns to Nigeria from China

President Buhari returns to Nigeria after his week long national visit to China.

15 Apr 2016

Chinese university unveils China's first ever developed human like robot

 China has continued in his bold steps towards advancing it's science and technology boundaries as one of its universities officially launches the country's first indigenous developed human like robot.

Nigerian senate amend code of conduct bureau act as they try to cover up for the alleged mistakes of the senate president

Is the Nigerian senate trying to cover up for the falter of the senate president?

Linda Ikeji throws another blow, drags Wizkid to Lagos state's police commissioner

The stiff war between blogger, Linda Ikeji and super star musician, wizkid, does not look like it is going to end anytime soon without one of the fighters coming down with a fatal blow

Fifty six thousad naira to video chat with Maheeda

The gospel singer turned porn actress took to her Instagram page to reveal to fans that

Checkout this hilarious chat between Alibaba and a desperate fan

Nigerian ace comedian, Alibaba, posted this

Photos of gay lions cause debate on the internet

Pictures of two male lions mating have sparked a tense debate in the internet as gays and lesbians try to prove that same sex relationships are natural.

14 Apr 2016

Fans slams Chidinma after she posted photo of herself with fellow singer, flavour

Star musician Chidinma Ekile popularly known for her song 'kedike' is currently under heavy attack from her own fans after she shared a photo of herself with flavour.

Fayose writes Chinese government against $2billion loan to Nigeria

Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has written to the Chinese government, seeking the stoppage of the $2 billion loan being sought by the federal government of Nigeria, saying that

Meet India's tallest teenager

You won't believe it but Yashwant Raut, pictured above is just 14years old.